Weekly Collage: Week Four

This week’s theme is one which both Jackie and I are very fond of  and already have loads of sketches and paintings of: “cafes“.

Our challenge now, is to depict the familiar subject matter, whilst experimenting with collage, and attempting to create a reasonably attractive end product! We’ve also decided to move up in scale and are now working on A4 instead of the small A5 format we started out with.

My first collage, above, has a very summery feel, mostly due to the colours used, and seaside cafe in the drawing.

The second one, below, has a different  colour range and more of a ‘peeling paint’ look, reminiscent of weathered Greek woodwork.

It’s good working in tandem on this collage challenge and interesting to see how we each interpret the various themes and to see just how different our paintings are from each others each week: collages by Jackie Sherwood.


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