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The process of producing new artwork for the 2023 calendar was a bit different this year. I began the new calendar series with a particular theme in mind. I can’t tell you what it was, as I will likely be using it next year, or sometime when I’ve gathered enough source material! Then somewhere along the way, it became an altogether different series of paintings…

Of course leaving the art production until the busiest, hottest month of the year was never a good idea but once a new theme was decided upon (with Mick’s invaluable help), the series just slotted into place… sort of!

I ended up making eleven new paintings. One was painted from photographic reference of an old house in Finikounda. In the photo were a couple of cats. Using creative licence, I added a couple more. Then the next painting somehow just needed to have cats in it as well. The rest of the paintings were cat-free, but having by then decided that ‘Life In The Village’ would actually be ‘Cat Life In The Village’, we now needed to add a few more cats! At this point, our live-in model Horis came in handy.

And this is where Mick came into his own… I painted lots and lots of slightly dodgy cats… and he very skilfully added them to the cat-free original paintings, taking care they were in the right size and position. It was a lot of extra work for him, so in lieu of payment (ha, ha!) we’ve added his name to the calendar this year! Actually, I don’t know why his name was never on it before, as so much of the work involved in calendar production involves his patient and precise graphic skills, plus there’s all the design, layout and liaising with the printer – all I do is paint a few new pictures. Below is “After” added cats!

Anyway, we hope you like the new calendar. I actually think it’s graphically pretty strong this year, and I like the fresh, summery colours, with lots of white walls. We hope you like it too. The artwork is currently with our printer in Athens, so it will be a couple of weeks until we have copies here. As soon as it’s ready I’ll be posting it on Facebook and Instagram and sending an email to everyone on my mailing list.


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6 thoughts on “New Paintings – New Calendar”

    1. Jackie Henderson

      The paintings are beautiful and I love the addition of the cats! I’m looking forward to ordering the calendar when available.

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