Mixed-Media Paintings

Creating texture...

Layers of life

My love affair with mixed-media began with painting the old mud-brick houses, traditional clay pots, weathered fishing boats and peeling shutters of my adopted homeland. The search for exciting ways to depict the textures and signs of ageing that I saw in the villages, led to exploring new creative processes and materials.

The mood, character and feeling of each mixed-media painting is created by drawing on a range of techniques. The imperfection of a ‘transferred’ line drawing;  the unpredictable quality of a hand-carved stamp; the layered colours and pattern of monoprint; the way acrylic paint interacts with wax from a church candle… All these and more are combined to evoke the textures of Greece.

Taking the process a step further, my graphic designer husband, Mick, scans all original paintings and prepares them for professional printing. This enables us to offer ready-to-hang canvases or ready-to-frame prints in a wide range of sizes to suit your walls. When enlarged, all the tiny details of the original are beautifully amplified, producing a bold image with enhanced lines and textures. Any hesitations, over-drawing, or ‘imperfections’ in the artwork remain, preserving the feeling, energy and spontaneity of the original.

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