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I’ve been running an ongoing kids class for a while now and although I sometimes share their artwork on Instagram and Facebook, I forget to share it here on the blog, so here’s a few snaps from some recent projects. I was doing it in Greek for ages (poor kids – my bad grammar!) but have been asked by some of the parents to speak more in English, to help with the children’s language learning. They already go to frontisterio (after school language classes), but I guess its useful to hear a native speaker also. Anyway, I’m currently coming out with a strange mish-mash of Greek and English, as I’m not yet used to speaking to them in English! Actually, it occurs to me that if I could get all the kids to really look at the drawing & painting demos I do, there wouldn’t be any need for any spoken language at all!

Exercise in applying the paint first and the linework (oil pastel)afterwards.

Observational drawing of an orange from our tree. Pencil, Waterproof art pen and gouache and watercolour paint. Exercise in observing scale, shapes and thinking about layout.

The same exercise with a different student.

Wild flower leaves (Campanula I think?). Exercise in trying to draw the shapes you see and not what you think you see! Fun with mixing greens also!

One of my favourite pottery jugs was the subject for this observational drawing & painting session. The tricky bits for the kids are seeing (and drawing) the top of the jug as an oval. Also seeing and drawing the bottom of the jug as having curved edges and not as a straight line. Also… the stripes around the jug are curved and not straight across. Also… depending on their age (I have mixed ages in this group), the handles are a bit of a challenge.

More of my favourite pottery. Observational drawing & painting in watercolour. This was a new student on her second lesson. This one was pretty challenging as the lip of the jug proved tricky, as did the circular pattern going around the lid of the pot.


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