Translucent Collage


This one-day workshop took place, by special request, this week….

Those of you who did it last summer will recognise the brightly coloured ‘paper flags’ flapping in the garden….

The creation of these little translucent gems follows a very specific process, which fits nicely into the one-day workshop format….

Some of the attendees had taken the workshop last summer…

so were familiar with the proceon dyes and layering method….

which meant they were able to concentrate a little more on the decorative element….

Some beautiful pieces were produced during the day.

Despite the rather warm temperatures outside….

which were rather useful for the speedy-drying of layers….

inside the studio, we were pretty cool….

and the small group-size made for plenty of space….

All in all, a very pleasant, colourful and creative day – well done ladies.


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