On Location in Lachanada

 I only really knew Lachanada from years of passing through it on winter walks….

so it was lovely to get to know it a little better yesterday.

It’s a much bigger village than I had thought – and an artist’s dream location.

We met up at the kafeneon which provided a shady base-camp for the morning.

There were crumbly old houses a-plenty to choose from and handy pockets of shade to squeeze into whilst drawing…

It is July ‘though, so there’s a bit of a busy, hot, holiday vibe, even here in Lachanada…

The assembled artists had to contend with ever-retreating shade; large cars parking in front of half-drawn subjects; and loud, animated conversations about the price of tomatoes and Greek salads…

But they were not deterred, as you can see, from this beautiful collection of sketches and paintings.

As usual, we re-grouped at the end of the morning in the kafeneon…

to view all the work…..

discuss techniques; partake of welcome refreshment and talk about next week’s venue….(it will be the lovely, peaceful, Ag. Theo Monastery outside Homatero)

A fond goodbye to Vyv who is now heading back to Australia via Sicily – Kalo Taxithi. 

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