Sunny Collage

It was a hot day for translucent collage….

but there was a bit of a breeze when we started dipping and dying the paper towels…

working inside….

and outside the studio….

the collage layers were soon building up…..and blowing in the ever-increasing breeze….

by the end of the afternoon, some glorious, sunny collages had been created….

with vibrant colours….

interesting textures…..

and a creative variety of shapes…..


and decoration….

using a wide variety of surface decoration techniques….

including stamping….

dry-brush painting….and accenting with oil pastels….

Everyone went home clutching a vibrant collection of their own beautifully colourful collages.  As well as being perfectly good enough to frame, they can also have a more practical application and serve as window coverings and lamp-shades.

Fabulous work ladies – it was a great day – thank you.


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