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We now have handy ‘Amazon-style’ e-Gift Vouchers on our website. As they’re available instantly, they’re a great last-minute gift solution for any Greece-loving friend or relative. Your voucher will be sure to arrive in good time for their Birthday or Christmas present, as there’s no shipping involved. It’s sent to them the minute you order it, or you can schedule a delivery date of your choice – ideal for arranging birthday gifts in advance.

Your friend can then take their time browsing our website and choose something they really love in their own time. There’s no expiry date on the vouchers.

Gift Vouchers start at only €15 and come in standard denominations of €25, €50, €75 and €100. You can also choose your own amount for the voucher. Recipients can simply spend up to the full amount of the voucher or can use it as part-payment for a bigger purchase.

Just like an e-card, your friend will receive an email with a message from you. The email will show the amount of your gift, and they just need to click the ‘Redeem’ button in order to get credit for that amount on our website.

Check out our new Gift Voucher here…


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