New e-Book – The Greek Taverna Cookbook

Way back in 2006, when still living in the UK, Mick and I published a book – ‘The Greek Taverna Cookbook – Chefs Recipes from Kefalonia’. It was the result of years of research, recipe testing and a whole lot of painting, illustration and graphic design work. Plus quite a lot of eating! The project, which provided a great excuse for several trips to Kefalonia, was a real labour of love.

Luckily for us, the book was very well received and we sold out the whole print run after a few years. We now literally have only one copy left. The paper version can still occasionally be found on, where it has a 5 star rating. Although it’s listed as ‘currently unavailable‘ on Amazon, second-hand copies do become available from time to time. There’s one on there at the moment, selling for £181! Unfortunately we don’t have any paper copies left to sell ourselves!

As we still get asked for the book, we did consider re-printing it but that would have been a huge investment, so we’ve decided to make the cookbook available from our website as an e-book.

Mick has now converted the original paper book into a digital format, so you can download it onto your i-pad, phone, tablet or desktop and easily view all the delicious recipes, paintings and illustrations. Its available in two formats – in the popular e-Pub format and as a pdf. I particularly love being able to zoom right in on the recipes on my i-pad when cooking – it saves putting my reading glasses on! For a peek inside the new e-Book take a look HERE…


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