After the Summer….

After the scorching, lethargy-making heat of the summer, it’s quite a relief to be more active again, both in and out of the studio (unlike Horis the studio cat who is still enjoying lounging around as if it were August!) Swimming has now been replaced with walking in the hills (for me at least – others are still swimming now, well into November, and assure me the water is ‘very warm’!) Our Greek Dancing classes resumed at the start of October and Ochi Day on 28th saw our first costumed performance of the new season, when we managed to successfully dodge both showers and puddles as we variously marched and danced on Koroni seafront. It was pretty windy though but luckily no headscarves were lost, thanks to a batallion of kirby grips, safety pins and alice bands. That’s me, looking all demure, fourth frock from the left!

October in the studio was a pleasantly busy, social time of coffees and chats with some lovely collectors dropping by to pick up artwork, as well as early-birds calling round for their 2017 calendars. If you haven’t ordered yours yet there’s still time for it to reach you before Christmas! Or grab a few as a handy gift for Greece-loving friends. Don’t forget, we can mail them anywhere for you – Order HERE

It’s always so exciting seeing my artwork finding new homes, and several paintings were re-housed this month. This large canvas-print of ’Relaxing in Kardamili’ (our biggest ‘postcard’ yet) had just arrived at the studio and was snapped up straight away by the owners of a beautiful house decorated with lots of turquoise and white. It looks wonderfully at home in it’s new space.


If you are in the area and would like to visit the studio, you’re very welcome – just contact me first to arrange a time that suits us both and I’ll send you directions on how to find us as we’re a bit tucked away in the back-streets of the village. I leave you with a lovely photo of Horis and a slightly dodgy one of me faffing about with a new camera remote gadget in the studio. We weren’t sure if it was working and ended up with about fifty identical photos. We’ve cracked it now though!



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