Mosaic Background Collage: Week 3


Here’s just some of the work produced this morning, in week three of the Mosaic Background Collage Workshop.

This is a great example of a colourful mosaic background created out of hand-decorated papers and paint….

and here’s an example of a neutral ground, taken to the next stage, with line-drawn images overlaid….

These lovely drawings are laid-out in a carefully chosen composition, prior to the mosaic background being created.

This is a work-in-progress where colour is gradually being introduced to the imagery….

There are many ways to use and adapt this layering technique…

and its best to make the technique your own….

Some of these collages are ‘finished’ and others are in process…

A near disaster (with tacky glue) was skillfully avoided with this lovely snowdrop…

And this doggy collage was done at home during the week – it tells the story of a recent, real-life dog-rescue…

Nice work ladies – well done.

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