In my last post, I mistakenly gave the impression it was the end of the summer in Greece…

How wrong was I? We’ve been enjoying a second summer for some time now, with pleasant temperatures, preferable to the sizzling high summer heat. Above is a snap of Zaga beach taken a few days ago – there are still sunbeds and brollies out, and people are swimming (not me though!)

I’ve been slaving over a hot geli-plate in the studio – well, this one is actually a home-made version but it works just fine….

Here’s some I made earlier, using my favourite colours….

And just to prove I don’t always work in blue…..a few tentative prints in RED!

Horis, the newly self-appointed studio cat prefers black and white.

Of course, these aren’t finished prints – lots to be done with them yet ……watch this space…..



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