Monoprint Obsession

I’ve just learned that the process I’m currently obsessed with is actually called ‘Monotype’….as in the Greek – μονοτυπία…

and not monoprint as I’ve been gaily billing it!

Whatever the name, I’ve loved the technique since coming across it at art college many years ago….

and have had many a flirtation with ever since…

After much of deliberation, I finally purchased a rather expensive GelliPlate – a delightfully convenient little invention, which has re-kindled my infatuation….

I’m currently spreading the word by teaching an introduction to monprint (or should that be monotype!) using good old fashioned, home-made gelatine plates – a cheaper alternative for beginners and rather more easily available in the Peloponnese!

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1 thought on “Monoprint Obsession”

  1. I have noticed that Gellli plates are easily available through Amazon. They come in three sizes and cost from about £20 (+ P&P) for the smallest. The Gelli Plate people seem happy enough to call the process ‘Monoprint’!

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