Acrylic Wednesday

Week two of the Wednesday acrylic class started off with a little colour mixing…then progressed to a bit of applying ink-on-a-stick….

Soon, following a demo from Jackie, everyone was re-defining their darks….

and starting to apply more opaque paint….

all the time, gradually working from dark to light…

We managed a leisurely coffee break in the sun…

Although there was some rain before the morning was over…

This keen student had done another painting of the same subject at home, during the week – a great idea – and it’s good to see them here together….

Fabulous work today guys – it’s great to see everyone’s approach to the acrylics and a pleasure to see the paintings taking shape before my eyes!

A couple of the group will probably be starting on their second painting next Wednesday!

Here’s the latest on my boaty piccy – the ink has been partially covered up and opaque paint has been applied….

and here’s an update on the other two….

I must say, I’m learning a lot with this technique…and although I’m not exactly taking to it like a duck to water!….I’m already looking forward to the day when I am hopefully skilled enough to ‘make it my own’ and adapt it into my collage-mixed-media work. Many thanks Jackie for being so patient and showing us all your painting method.

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1 thought on “Acrylic Wednesday”

  1. It’s amazing how different the paintings look each week. It’s a brilliant if not scary technique of finding out about seeing all the many different colours there are in a painting. Love the amphora and the window…. how different they look from the beginning of the week. They look so solid and real. Well done all

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