Friday Acrylics

Today, a second, small group of painters started the Friday version of the four week acrylics workshop, led by Jackie Sherwood ….

This group started off the morning with a little colour mixing exercise…

then, following Jackie’s ‘blocking-in’ demonstration – below, started work on their paintings….

Here’s Jackie’s stage one – above, and stage two, with more breaking up of the shapes & colours – below…

Here’s the students fabulous work at the end of the first morning….

They have all blocked in…..

and broken up….

and started on drawing into the paintings with waterproof ink….

Four very presentable starts I think….all this and they managed to do the colour mixing… no homework for them this week!

I decided to continue with the boaty painting I started in the Wednesday group – so have now got to the inking stage!

and I thought maybe it was time I looked at the other two I started in December, so have done a bit more to one of those!….

Coffee break today was taken inside the studio, due to a sudden and dramatic downpour just as I was carrying the biscuits over the road!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Acrylics”

  1. Demanding! But I enjoyed the relaxed but informed style of instruction, coaching is perhaps a better word. I am really looking forward to seeing how the paintings develop over the next three weeks. Even at the end of this first week I was quite encouraged by what I realised from an initial miasma of colour and almost irrelevant shapes on paper.

  2. Fabulous work, well done everyone. I’m now feeling a bit timid about joining you all tomorrow, I just hope I can catch up, and don’t disgrace myself 😉 Thanks Jackie and Gill for giving us this opportunity to learn a new technique. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. I hope you’ll all be patient with me.

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