Acrylic Friday – Week Two

Despite a little sighing, as the opaque paint went on and the ink disappeared….the end-of-morning paintings looked very good indeed today…

They are really starting to take shape already….

And it’s only the second morning….

Jackie was kept very busy all morning, helping everyone out with their particular painting dilemmas…

Here’s her lovely Koroni demo painting at the start of the morning….

And again, later on in the process…

Coffee was taken inside the studio – due to a rather untimely and torrential downpour at 11.30am…

We had a new group member start today – she quickly got to grips with blocking in and breaking up her colours…

I’m (almost!) finished the boaty picture – just a couple of annoying bits to sort out….like that odd-shaped boat on the left….

Well done everyone – lovely stuff.


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2 thoughts on “Acrylic Friday – Week Two”

  1. Thanks everyone for your patience. I’m really enjoying the workshop, even though, like Gill, I seem to be outside my comfort zones – maybe that’s no bad thing:)
    I can’t believe how everyone’s work has developed since the first day, and hope I can achieve something similar. Whatever happens, it’s fun. Thank you.

    1. Jackie Sherwood

      Glad you enjoyed your first day Penny. Outside the comfort zone is the goal at the beginning!

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