Painting-in-stages: Boats

I’ve enjoyed looking back at photos of the various stages of the paintings I’ve just finished in the Acrylics Workshop with Jackie Sherwood…so thought I’d post them here all together…

Started on 9th January, this shows the first stages of ‘blocking-in’ and starting to break up the shapes with paint…

Adding the darks…. And….oh how I love that ink….

Adding more opaque paint…. Now, where did all that ink go?!

More ink added – phew, that’s better….

More paint…more detail….more shadows and reflections…more faffing about…..but I’m really not happy with that first boat on the left….

So I tried rounding it off! Which looked…. well – pants!

Jackie agreed, the best thing to do in the circumstances, was to conduct radical surgery….and turn the boat into….sea! It’s looking better already!

Magically transformed into water – I’m calling it ‘finished’ now! Oh the joys of acrylics. Many thanks to Jackie for her enduring patience.

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