Wednesday Acrylics

It’s week three of the Wednesday acrylics workshop so here’s an update on this group…

Two members started on new paintings today….Here’s one of them, off to a fabulous start…..apologies for slightly blurry photo!

And the other new painting…..deviating a bit from the ‘Jackie Method’ as it started off with a line drawing rather than blocking in with paint….

Here’s a spot of self-generated homework done by the same person during the week….

And another fabulous piece – this is the same image she’s working on in class, painted at home during the week to gain experience of the approach….

The ‘homework’ painting is the top one – note the clever improvisation for a painting board – a simple piece of cardboard!

The Wednesday group has so far been luckier with the weather than the Friday group – once again today we had our coffee break in the sun in the garden!

Here’s the finished fishy painting at the close of business today….lovely movement in that seaweed – well done that man!

And the lovely ‘class piece’ after further work had been patiently done on it today…

Here’s Jackie’s boaty demo painting at the end of the morning – looking fab. She was so busy helping everyone out today she hardly had a moment to attend to it….

I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing and being generally indecisive with my poor pot painting and I finally decided to move the bloody wall! This helped the composition, but I definitely preferred the pot a week ago in a previous incarnation! I’ll persevere – thank goodness acrylic allows for over-painting. I’m learning a lot from this process!

I’ve finished both my boat painting and the one of the blue shutters – hurray, hurray – a nice feeling of achievement! Will show them in a separate post soon.

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