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The 2022 Art Calendar is all about texture… and colour… and the passing of time, which is a theme often visited in my artwork. Thirteen brand new paintings, created specifically for the calendar, emulate the effects of sun, rain and the passing of time in and around the Greek village.

The village in question is a half imagined, half remembered village of the imagination – suggested in ink, paint and hand-painted collage papers.

This year, we’ve also given the dates page a complete re-design, so it has become more of an integral part of the image, rather than an add on. We’ve added some of the texture and colours of the paintings to the lower half of the calendar, creating a border around the dates section. Mick’s also played around with the fonts and we’ve generally improved the design of this page. I’m pretty happy with how it looks… what do you think?

All the new artwork is now complete and the calendars are currently in the hands of our trusty printers in Athens. We’re expecting them in Charakopio in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, we’ve started taking orders, so we can get the envelopes addressed now and pop them in the mail just as soon as the calendars arrive.

So place your orders now, to get your calendar shipped off by the end of the month. Don’t forget – we’re happy to send gift calendars direct to your friends for you. Just give us their name & address and we’ll include your message on a complementary card for you.


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