On Loction

The first in a new series of ‘on location’ drawing & painting workshops took place in Koroni yesterday.

The peaceful grounds of Panagia Elistria Church provided an abundant choice of subject matter, as well as ample shade, benches, water fountains and even loos!

We started off the morning with some ‘wrong handed drawing’ to warm up, quieten the internal critic, and get into the right-brain mode….

everyone was soon in the zone….

Time went by incredibly quickly…

but everyone managed to produce several lovely sketches, as well as grapple with some tricky perspective issues along the way…

It was great to be outside drawing in such a peaceful and beautifully looked after location. Well done everyone for your efforts today and for producing a great collection of sketches.

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5 thoughts on “On Loction”

  1. It looks great Gill, I regret not being with you, I could do with one of Dr Who’s time machines! I’m very envious on two counts, one is the sunshine you all obviously were enjoying while I was here shivering and getting damp each time I left the snug dry warmth of the car the other is that you have done something creative; I have not managed to get pencil to paper since last Friday!!!

    1. Don’t despair John – you’ll be back here with us in the blistering heat soon enough! Maybe you could join me by doing a ‘drawing a day’ ? It doesn’t have to be a big number – I drew the sugar bowl the other day!

      1. That, Gill, had been my intention when I left home. During the journey, having been unable to concentrate on drawing while driving I abandoned the idea, resurrecting it when I arrived at the first of the four cottages I have rented here. There I managed something on five out of seven days. Here, in the past six days, I have drawn teepota! My excuse is that it has been too grey, wet and cold but the truth is that I seem to have lost inspiration. At last I have risen to sunshine and some blue sky so, as soon as I have sent this, I shall be on to the job.
        Thanks for the helpful suggestions.
        As ever,
        J x

        1. Whether it’s one a day, or one a week, or whatever….I’m looking forward to seeing your travel sketches when you get back John, as I’m sure the other ‘Sketchbookers’ are as well. We are all inspired by your work, so whatever you come back with, we’d like to see. May the force be with you! xx

          1. For better or for worse Gill I am posting pix of my efforts to engagingright.blogspot.com Publish and be damned! Thanks for sending The Force, I hope it arrives soon. J x

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