When the water went off at 9.50am, I knew it would be a bit of a tricky Mixed Media morning…..

In week two of this somewhat messy workshop, we do monoprinting….

which, as you can see, is a colourful, creative, splodgy, gloopy, paint and dye-fest…

The troops rallied and we soon got the hang of changing paint colours on spongey rollers, using the minimum of water!

Thankfully, it was lovely and sunny, so we took an outside coffee break – surrounded by clothes lines full of monoprints, drying in the (quite considerable) breeze….

We covered both ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ monoprinting today….

used a whole load of ‘tools’ – both large and small – and had quite a bit of fun, despite the lack of water….

It was great to see people discover for themselves the unpredictability of monoprinting and the happy accidents that can arise….

Some great stuff here…..

Thank you ladies for coping so well with the mess and lack of water and thank’s to Mal for the fab rubber printing tool!