Sketchbook Style Finale

Six weeks have sped by and this Friday saw the final morning of the Sketchbook Style course…

Here are some of the ‘sighting’ drawings done at home during the week….

I could see people had really worked hard at getting to grips with it…

Which takes patience and tenacity….

as it’s not an easy or quick skill to master…

Today was ‘straight to pen’ day – ie no pencils were allowed!

So we did a little ‘wrong-handed’ drawing with water-soluble Tombow markers…..

as well as some ‘blind’ and ‘semi-blind’ contour drawing….

and a little ‘speed drawing’ as well…

Mundane, everyday objects take on an exciting new life when drawn in this way…

and it helps to silence the internal critic….

Some fabulously quirky drawings were produced today…

We even squeezed in a quick bit of charcoal drawing at the end, and finished off with a quick review of everyone’s sketchbooks. Well done guys – great work.

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