Finikounda – Lachanada – Loutsa walk

We headed up into the hills behind Finikounda this week, taking a series of gently ascending tracks up to Lachanada.

After a very welcome stop for refreshments in the kafeneon, we meandered through the rather picturesque village…

meeting this chap on the outskirts of town….

There was some discussion as to what he actually was….I’m betting on some sort of stick insect?

We passed lots of sturdy old olive trees as we made our way down towards Loutsa beach…

and stopped off to check-out these guys en-route….

Enjoying a sandwich on Loutsa beach….with turquoise seas and a splendid view towards Finikounda….

before a final stroll back to Finikounda, and an ice cream or fredo cappuccino or two by the beach….

This very pleasant walk was a mere 9.96k, which with a moving average of 3.6 kph we completed in 2 hours 46 walking time plus a total of 1 hour 32 stopping time! 

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