On Location Sketchers

The venue for this week’s on location sketching morning was the lovely Mochlos Platea in Koroni.

Braving the somewhat changeable weather, we variously went about sketching various aspects of this charming square in pen and watercolour.

There was no shortage of subject matter….

such as this fabulously decorative old house on the corner…

and this curiously appealing display on the other side.

Again, this week, we were producing vignettes…

and resisting the temptation to try to draw the whole square…

The old….and the new….

This week’s venue was rather more public than the previous two….so we had the human factor to deal with….someone moved this chair as it was in the process of being sketched…

Some subjects ‘though are more reliably static…

but then there’s the motor car parking in front of your subject factor to consider….

By the end of the morning (which absolutely whizzed by as usual) everyone had produced a handsom collection of sketches to take home with them. 

Well done guys for persevering with all those angles and measurements – great work today. Next week we will retire to the calm and tranquility of the Koroni Monastery grounds.

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