Finikounda Harbour – On Location


Thinking it would be a great chance to grab some boaty close-ups before it gets too hot to sit out in the open, this week’s ‘On Location’ session was at Finikounda harbour….

As it turned out, the sun was much less of a problem than the wind and rain….. so we quickly retreated to the nearest taverna for a Greek coffee, art chat, browse of sketchbooks and a bit of warm-up sketching…

Then it was back to the harbour to cram in as much nautical drawing & painting as we could…

It was pretty breezy out there….

and the tethered fishing boats were moving around quite a bit….

Lovely as they are, they’re not the easiest of subject matter….

But I think you’ll agree, everyone did pretty well in capturing the boaty-fishiness of the harbour area…

As well as the moving boats, there was plenty of interesting harbourside paraphanalia to draw…

A paradise for sketchers – so much choice….

The jaunty boat above, was drawn using the artist’s non-dominant hand….

Grey skies over Finikounda….well done everyone for your dedication to your art – maybe we can visit again soon and enjoy a nice, sunny ‘on Location’ at the harbour!

I’ve posted my own, rather speedily executed Fini sketches on Facebook:

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