3rd Week – Continuation Acrylic Painting Workshop

Following a presentation from Jackie and a bit of discussion around technique, everyone continued work on their paintings…

We took a late and rather leisurely coffee break, before getting back to the paint….

The paintings are really starting to take shape now….

This is not an easy stage of the process, as it involves lots of going back and forth between lights and darks…

Endlessly tweaking and adjusting the tone, colour and detail…

These are new skills….and of course they’re quite different to the watercolour and line approach that most of us are used to….

Jackie worked her socks off today, constantly going round the group to help them out…

After mucho fiddle-faddling about, I’m finally calling my Koroni Corner House ‘finished’!

Thank you Jackie for your support and patience and well done everyone for your excellent work. 


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1 thought on “3rd Week – Continuation Acrylic Painting Workshop”

  1. …and I think you should be very pleased with your Koroni Corner House – lit’s lovely. Thanks Jackie for all your help and advice – I think we’ve all got a lot out of this course – looking forward to Wednesday :)

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