Final Friday – Acrylics

On the first sunny Friday in January (hurray!) the hard-working Friday group finally managed to take their mid-morning break in the garden….

This keen bunch had turned up before 10am clutching tons of homework – see below…

The two on the left are painted with acrylics – the one on the right is a watercolour.

This lovely acrylic painting of an old door was started at home during the week….

These two, started the previous week, continue to develop nicely…..

The ‘homework’ painting on the left is in acrylic – the smaller one above right is in watercolour – starfish photographed with an underwater camera…

After excitedly reviewing the five lots of ‘homework’ we all settled down to a bit of acrylic painting…..

This beautiful painting was finished off, and work started on a second one, below….

Everyone spent the morning variously finishing off their workshop paintings from the previous weeks….

such as this lovely butterfly…

fabulous bicycle painting….

glowing yellow steps glimpsed through this rusty metal gate….

and the glorious red door with green walls and brightly coloured chairs.

A couple of people had started work on new paintings….

and others did a bit more work on their home-work paintings….

As usual, tutor Jackie Sherwood was rushed off her feet advising everyone on their next steps and helping them tweak their paintings…Here’s her completed Koroni roofs demo painting – very evocative.

I continued work on my ‘upside down’ rusty doors painting started on Wednesday…


and I must say, I’m enjoying the upside down approach – would highly recommend it.

I was very impressed by the work produced and the progress people made in only four short sessions on this workshop……Many thanks again to my intrepid art-buddy Jackie Sherwood for all her hard work on this course. To see more of Jackie’s own work see:

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2 thoughts on “Final Friday – Acrylics”

  1. Jackie Sherwood

    Congratulations everyone for all your hard work. The entire group did incredibly well in a short time and produced some great paintings. I was particularly impressed with the homework each week as well. Look forward to seeing some of you again in the continuation class.

  2. Jackie Sherwood

    Many thanks to you Gill, for making these Acrylic classes possible, and your wonderful organisation, input and coffee making skills! Without you and your lovely studio, this wouldn’t have been possible. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed introducing new people to this process, watching them develop and finding their own interpretation and styles. Jackie

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