The Final Wednesday – Acrylic Painting

The keen Wednesday group turned up with arm-fulls of self-generated homework this week…..

Some then continued with their ongoing workshop paintings….

Adding a few finishing touches here and there….

Others did a bit more work to their home-work paintings, and/or started work on a new painting… 

It was a gloriously sunny day, so we toasted ourselves in the garden at break time…

Such a treat after all this rain…

Can you tell which is the photo and which is the painting? This is the second painting completed by this student during the four-morning workshop…

Here’s Mr. Fishy quickly starting to take shape by the end of the morning…

Ancient Messene (Mark ll)  was nicely finished off….

A new Sunflower painting is being blocked in here – note she is working upside down….

I finished off my pot…..

and began blocking in another painting of a rusty doorway in Koroni. Thought I’d try doing this one upside down as an experiment!

Everyone did really well today and were very industrious at home! It’s great to see how quickly, four completely different styles emerged, and also how people were really improving their skills by the time they started their second painting. Well done guys. Thank’s Jackie for all your work today:

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1 thought on “The Final Wednesday – Acrylic Painting”

  1. Jackie Sherwood

    Congratulations to the whole class for 4 week’s hard work. Everyone produced some great paintings in a limited time, and in such varying styles. Look forward to welcoming some of you back in the continuation class in May. Cheers Jackie

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