All Alone On Location

Lots of the regular sketch-booking gang are away at the moment, or busy with various other commitments, and I’d had several ‘I can’t make it this week‘ emails, but I popped down to Koroni Harbour this Thursday in case someone turned up anyway….

In the event, no one did, but I spent a pleasant hour or so mooching around the sea-front on a beautifully sunny morning.

I even managed a couple of rather quick, straight-to-pen sketches, with my lovely Lamy Safari & Noodlers Ink…..before dragging myself back to Harakopio. 

Today is Day 205 of my personal daily sketch commitment! I started back in March….and somehow just kept going! Yes, I do ‘cheat’ occasionally if life gets in the way and I miss a day….then I usually draw double the next day. But if I miss two days, I start to feel terrible withdrawal symptoms. I wish now I had had the foresight to start scanning and uploading these daily sketches months ago….now the task of 205 scans and uploads is a little daunting, although I may post an edited version of the (now three) sketchbooks when I get a moment!

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