Aghios Andreas

The Akroyiali Taverna in Aghios Andreas was once again home to the on location sketching group this week.

As we were seated around a long table, facing each other, we warmed up with a little ‘wrong-handed’ portrait drawing. The purpose of this is to start to get into the ‘right’ side of the brain, to slow down, and attempt to get the pesky internal critic out of the way….

It’s also quite relaxing and a bit of fun, as long as you don’t take the results personally!

After the warm-ups and a fortifying cup of coffee, everyone went off to seek out their own sketching locations…

As it wasn’t as seriously hot as our last visit here on 2nd August, and there was more artist-friendly shade, a little harbour-side boat sketching was possible today….

As well as some dry-dock boat-sketching…this rusty old boat has apparently been out of the water for two years due to the owner’s ill health, but was for many years a hard-working catcher of fish.

Everyone worked very hard again today as you can see from the artwork here……

It’s great to see people’s work improving over the weeks….

and to see individual styles gradually emerging…..

This was Jane’s last ‘on location’ for a while – Kalo Himonas – see you in December!

Excellent work chaps – well done indeed.

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