What fabulous weather we had for Saturday’s walk from Aghia Sotira…

Our first stop was at Pera, where we explored the deserted village, had a chat to a visiting local and took some photos….

This is possibly ‘my favourite walk of them all’….

The spring flowers are at their peak at the moment….

and the fig trees are budding….

Continuing uphill, we paused at the church of Aghia Pareskevi to admire the view….

then climbed up to the ruined Frankish castle – Leone, which was our flower-filled, super-scenic, lunch-stop…

A panoramic view indeed….

There’s still some snow on the Tayettos…..

At the brow of the hill – armies of fig trees…. 

It’s about an hour’s walk from the castle, up…then down to Kastania….

We were greeted by Kiria Sofia Zerva, who kindly opened the museum for us and gave a demonstration of weaving and a bit of info on silk production…..

Continuing downhill, we passed through the ruined stone village of Polistari, where the church restoration had progressed quite a bit since my last visit….

A beautiful walk of around 10.5 kilometres.