Mixed-Media Sketchbook

This mixed-media sketchbook was a slight departure for me… The idea was to play with some new techniques for combining a textural, acrylic painterly look with drawings, using layers and a variety of materials not normally used in my sketchbooks. Most of the sketchbooks on my shelves are watercolour and ink pen, so this was a completely different animal!

sketchbook greek greens and blues mixed media by gill tomlinson art

Starting with the cover, I pulled out a pile of my partially decorated papers and got to work with the matte medium. Additional details were added with stenciling, wax and stamping using a combo of acrylic paints and dyes. A handy alphabet stamp was used for the title.

sketchbook pages by gill tomlinson art

Each spread was treated differently and I enjoyed composing the whole spread to include textured papers and line drawings. A gritty texture was applied to the walls of the building on the left to tie it in with the page on the right.

mixed media sketchbook by gill tomlinson art

Here the drawing of the chair was applied as an acrylic gel transfer on top of the previously decorated papers… I like the slightly ghostly effect of this and the fragmented appearance of the piece.

sketchbook pages by gill tomlinson art

It was fun to make, plus I got a couple of ideas for new paintings from it. This book was created in the studio, using fluid acrylics, a ton of matt medium (posh glue), collage, acrylic transfers of my drawings and scraps of hand-decorated papers.

sketchbook inspired by greece collage and stamped imagery

The book became so thick and crispy by the end, it shed its cover, so I had to sew it back together with a darning needle! I discovered that the wax of a white church candle rubbed on the pages helped prevent them sticking together!

Here’s a quick flip-through of the whole thing…





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1 thought on “Mixed-Media Sketchbook”

  1. your lovely sketchbook <3
    – the pages and pictures are like the Unknown opposite the Known.

    I do like The Unknown´s so much :-)

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