Logga-Neraidovrisi-Adriani Walk

Neraidovrisi – an all-but-deserted stone village – is a steady, uphill climb from Logga…

Otherwise known as Koutsomadi…..

the village was our first port of call on Saturday….

A couple of houses are still occupied, although we saw no one during our visit….

This renovated house, at the far end of the village, has fantastic views from the hill….

After a break at the church….and a quick sketch!…. 

we headed inland on some rather nice tracks over to Adriani….

Sadly, the kafeneon was closed, but we stopped for lunch here anyway…

as did this chap…

and these boys…….also residents of Adriani…..

After lunch, we enjoyed a little flat track…..and quite a bit of downhill….

as well as some great views….

as we made our way back to Logga….

These were a gift from some passing locals in a pick-up….the first red anenemies of the Spring…

Our walk clocked 12.7 kilometres on the GPS, with a walking time of 3 hours 41 minutes and a total stopping time of 1 hour 33 minutes and an average walking speed of 3.4 kph.


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