The Picture Plane

In week three of the Intro drawing & painting workshop we tackled the picture plane….

Being asked to draw a human hand is a bit daunting for anyone who’s only been drawing for a couple of morning lessons!

but, with the help of a perspex picture plane, some very good results were achieved.

We started by preparing a graphite ground…..

and positioned our hands under the perspex picture plane…

then drew into the graphite with pencil and erasers.


After the hand drawings were completed, we managed a quick coffee break in the garden. Chrysokellaria was completely engulfed in a cloud of the sandy dust that had arrived on Thursday and the sky was an eery yellow!

Then work continued on….more hand drawings…….and other objects, all drawn with the help of the picture plane…

Hard at work in the studio….

Almost forgot….here’s their lovely homework collection from the previous week….

showing new layouts and different angles on some of the same subjects from week one (fruits/veg) and week two (keys). Great work everyone – well done.


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