100 Days of Drawing Greece

In April I joined The 100 Day Project. If you haven’t heard of it, the premise is quite simple… you choose your own project (not necessarily art) and commit to it for 100 consecutive days by posting daily update-photos on Instagram.

sketchbook page of line drawing in Greek village by Gill Tomlinson

Thousands of people from all over the planet participate in projects which range from 100 days of tidying (that would have been a good one for me!) via The 100 Teacup Designs Project, to 100 days of sunshine. Mine is 100 Days of Drawing Greece, (no real surprise there!) which is pretty much an extension of the daily drawing series I’d been doing on my lonesome since New Year.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to benefit from having a deadline and some degree of accountability, so it’s been great being part of The 100 Day Project.

drawing of an old greek village house with flowers by artist gill tomlinson

Numbers were never my strong point, and having two batches of daily drawings with a different numbering system has resulted in a bit of a muddle. I think I’m currently around day 46in The 100 Day Project and approaching the 100 mark with the drawings begun back in January. Either way, I’m a bit behind now on both fronts but am cutting myself some slack as 100 pages of drawings in three sketchbooks so far is a fair achievement. I’m still aiming for ‘one a day’ but no longer panic if I miss a day or two here and there! If you’d like to see all daily drawings so far this year – here they are. Follow me on Instagram to see more drawings on a daily basis.

watercolour drawing of a Greek village house and garden by Gill Tomlinson

As you know, I love re-cycling my drawings and some, which are being re-purposed as we speak, will be making an appearance in a somewhat larger format in my summer exhibition in Koroni in August. I’m aiming for several new, large, original mixed-media pieces, incorporating my favourite drawings with a bit of collage, texture, text and paint. It doesn’t come naturally to me to work big – not sure why – possibly due to my background designing tiny print patterns – known as ditsy’s – for textiles (think ties, kid’s clothes, underwear and sleepwear). Or maybe it’s just because there’s very little space left in my studio! So far though, I’m enjoying the process of working on A1 size canvases. The new ‘large size!’ collection will be one off’s available as originals only and will not be offered as archival prints or canvas reproductions….watch this space!

sketchbook watercolour drawing of greek village scene by gill tomlinson artist

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