Harakopio-Yerakada-Assini-Memi-Mousouli Walk

Saturday 19th November

After almost freezing my ears off last weekend, I set out this morning sporting a hat, scarf and fingerless gloves…

Ten minutes later I was donning sunglasses and peeling off layers of clothing…

 Turned out this was most definitely not a day for wooly hats!

With brilliant blue skies, very little wind, and the sun shimmering on the sea and the olive groves, this was the perfect day for walking.

Heading out of Harakopio towards Mousouli, we took a very pleasant, flat track towards Koroni. Just before Yerakada, we peeled off onto a rough back-track which brought us into Assini.

We criss-crossed the main road, taking a series of small lanes down towards Memi beach, where we enjoyed a break for lunch on the beach by the (closed) Limenaki taverna.

Long, early afternoon shadows in the olive groves …

A little gradual uphill walking on the return route, brought us first into Mouseli (via a chat with a local resident, above). Then on to Harakopio (via another chat with some industrious olive pickers on the road) ….and finally to some welcome, post-walk refreshments in the Art Cafe.

Today’s walk clocked 11.3 kilometres on the GPS, with a walking time of 2.53 hours, plus stopping time of 1.11 hours and an average walking speed of 3.9 kph.

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1 thought on “Harakopio-Yerakada-Assini-Memi-Mousouli Walk”

  1. A great walk Gill – one of my favourites and a picnic on a lovely sunny beach – a bonus. Thanks Gill

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