Impressions of Greece

Stepped streets, jumbled rooftops, sun-faded shutters…. layers of peeling paint

Evocative colours and textures

Whitewashed houses, cobalt sky…. the shimmering blue of the Aegean

Greek island living

Turquoise seas, fishing boats…. a more traditional way of life

A window to the Mediterranean

Fresh florals…. summer stories…. vibrant colour

Whitewashed walls, deep blue sky; sun-bleached shutters, a slower pace of life… Captured memories of the place where I feel most alive

There is a story behind Gill’s sketches and paintings which invites me to look deeper…
Where do those steps lead; what’s behind those shutters… who lives there?

Bold, blown-up sketches and collages, magnify the lines and textures… recreated as large canvases, preserving the feeling, energy and spontaneity of the original

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