Wrong-handed Drawing

The energetic Thursday group had done masses of fabulous homework for the final week of their course. Some students had diligently produced pages and pages of wonderful sketches that had allowed them to practice sighting and perspective – spurred on, apparently, by being housebound by the torrential rain and high winds.

There was so much, and we were so busy excitedly discussing it all that I somehow ended up forgetting to take photos of any of it, which is a bit annoying, to say the least! Many, many apologies guys!

In class, they completed several lively ‘wrong handed drawings‘ – with a time limit of about five minutes each!

This was a pencil-free day, so all drawings were straight to pen (a scary prospect if you are new to drawing, and used to the safety-net of a pencil and eraser).

Some fab drawings were produced in a very short space of time – working first with the left hand, then with the right hand…..

I particularly loved all the left or ‘wrong’ handed drawings – they have such an unusual and slightly naive quality, and are wonderully graphic.

We finished off with a couple of quick drawings done in water-soluble pen – like this impressive drawing of a piece of old broken pottery.

Congratulations everybody – well done for producing so much fabulous work over the past six weeks. I’m sorry to see you go, but am looking forward to seeing most of you again soon!


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