Winter Walks

The first walk of the ‘winter season’ took place last Saturday, 3rd November – one month later than last year, and two months later than the year before…I’ve been delaying my start, due to the rather long, hot summer weather! 

This was our destination – Ag. Theo Monastery – hidden away near Homatero….

En route, we made a rather leisurely stop at the kafeneon for fluids….

Caption suggestions for this photo are welcome!

There was a good turnout today….which included lots of old faithfuls, as well as some new walkers…

We had our lunch break in the monastery grounds…

and viewed the inside of the church, as well as the Priest’s little office….

It was a pretty warm day for November, with brilliant blue skies…

and a fabulous, shiny, clarity of light…

The return route….walking through Falanthi… with views (below) back to Homatero…

The walk route today was 12.2 kilometres which we walked in 3 hours 9 minutes (actual walking time) plus a total stopping time of 1 hour 55 minutes, with an average speed of 3.9 kph.

Many thanks to Mal and Susanne for supplying several of these fab photos.


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