Week Five Sketching

The week five sketchers turned up with some great homework this week…


They had been asked to design a double page spread…

by first choosing a couple of objects they liked to draw….

and arranging them in such a way as to create a pleasing double page spread…

to help with composition, it was suggested they might draw the objects in two, smaller boxes, with a third, larger composition on another page….

the choice of subject matter was diverse…..

and everyone really engaged in the project…..

by thinking through layouts……

using colours and text to tie the spread together…..

and getting creative with their composition….

everyone really took the time to look at their subject matter….

In class, we tackled ‘sighting’ – informal perspective….here they are sighting the door of the studio!

and putting it into practice in the garden. Really excellent work today everyone – well done.

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