Thursday Collage Group

Having lost two members of the Wednesday group, who are off on their travels, the remaining collagers spread out and got stuck in today, with our fourth and final approach to the subject.

We discussed how I tend to approach the start of a collage……usually by tearing up photocopies of my drawings and alternately working with paint and paper, as above…and continuing with layers of paint, oil pastel and wax, with much scratching out and scraping off……….

This enjoyable method went down quite well, with some very nice results in the oil pastel-scratching department….

Things can get a bit messy though!

This gorgeous ‘homework’ was done between workshop sessions….fab!

We pretty much ran out of time…so some works weren’t quite completed…….

It’s good to remember…..even if you don’t love your finished piece…..pieces of it will be lovley!  Zoom in and find little gems within the picture…great for making cards or beautiful small pictures.

Some great results guys – long may you collage and transfer.

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