Thursday Artists

Following hot on the heels of the Wednesday Group, the Thursday artists turned up on a very wet day, clutching their homework ‘spreads’….

How beautiful is this?……Lovely, delicate painting and very well observed drawing, plus a perfect layout. And, yes – that really is a lemon – albeit a very oddly shaped lemon!

This was the first attempt at the chair (with shaky photography from me)..

“These boots are made for walking…and that’s just what they’ll do”…..lovely drawing, great painting (acrylics on inkjet printout of text) and some very creative thinking…Bravo!

Alfredo,the papagalos – forever immortilised in watercolour! Energetic drawing of the fire and an enthusiastic approach. Good colour balance between the two pages.

Beautifully delicate rendering of the shell and lovely observation of the onions (nice use of negative space!) in a well laid out and gently coloured spread.

I seem to have lost the ability to take non-fuzzy photographs! Good colour continuation across this double page spread, with repeated studies of the same tricky objects – well done.

Today’s class was all about ‘sighting‘……although there was a fair amount of sighing as well! It’s really not an easy practice to grasp, and can be frustrating – but like most things we learn, it gets easier with practice. Well done everyone for persevering on this wet and windy Thursday.

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