The First ‘On Location’ of 2013

A small group of sketchers got together yesterday for the first ‘Drawing & Painting On Location’ session of the summer…

Some of you may recognise the location….yes, it’s my favourite sketching location of them all….

the tranquil grounds of Koroni Monastery….

Armed with folding chairs; cushions; sketchbooks; watercolours and flasks of coffee…

we met up at 9.30am and spent the first half hour or so browsing each others sketchbooks…

and did a couple of sketchy warm-ups to get us loosened up… 

Joy of joys….drawing with your non-dominant hand….and a quick speed-sketch….

Once inside the Monastery grounds, we wrestled with the difficult decision of what to draw & paint….

There is so much choice….so many fabulous little chapels; buildings; architectural details; faded old roofs;  tiny doorways and hidden corners…

The flowers in the grounds were looking gorgeous yesterday…. 

The Nuns shop – one of my favourite shops in Koroni – was chosen as subject matter for this drawing…..

Everyone worked at their own pace – some were quite prolific, producing several lively sketches, whilst others chose to concentrate on one painting….

The four hours sped by and the group met up again at 1.30pm to look at each others work…

The artist-Nun was keen to have a look at the work and was very complimentary of it all….

An excellent first session of the season, in an inspiring location, with tons of good work produced – well done everyone – thank you for joining me.

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