Summer Thyme

On a rather hot day (who knew the temperatures would suddenly shoot up overnight!), I escorted a small group of intrepid summer visitors from Chrani to Achladochori…

and back again…..following a most welcome, restorative, drinks break at the kafeneon.

Another, cooling stop was made in this church en route to the village….

Apart from the heat, this walk was memorable for an abundance of crickets….two tortoises….a wasps nest under construction…pleasant company….shimmery sea-views….and the herby smells evocative of greek summers…including the wild thyme which was at it’s peak. 


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1 thought on “Summer Thyme”

  1. A lovely day. I didn’t think it was too hot! Have just come back from the Vigla, Kakourevma round trip and for early October it was very pleasant. Fewer flowers and no tortoises compared to June though!

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