Summer Sketching

Made up for some lost time by heading to Memi beach on Sunday with my newish, landscape format moleskin sketchbook. Also took a pristine tin of Caran D’Ache Neocolour crayons…..big mistake! They promptly melted to the consistency of a chocolate bar in the sun – the tips broke off and I had gloopy colour everywhere! Complete disaster was averted by my husband arriving with a cool bag and freezer slabs, which firmed them up again in no time!

I love these rock formations at the far end of the beach, which people were stumbling across to get to the beach bar round the corner.

A couple of of tankers have been moored here for a while now – sitting on the horizon line, with the misty outline of the lower Mani hills in the distance.

A family of Agave Americanas had recently bloomed and were starting to disintigrate by the edge of the beach.

After the cool-bag first aid, the crayons went on to produce some gorgeous, rich colours.

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