On a rather wet and windy Friday morning, a few brave souls ventured over to Harakopio to try their hand at Drawing & Painting (Sketchbook Style)….

After producing a couple of drawings as a record of their  ’pre-instruction’ skill level, they were introduced to the joys of ‘wrong-handed-drawing’! Then, following a brief demonstration, they started drawing in earnest…

Today, our subject matter was a pile of fresh and juicy mandarins I’d selected specially for the purpose….

Or, to be more precise, a solo mandarin – that’s quite enough to start with.

By now they were ready for a coffee break, but no lounging in a sunny garden for these guys. It was pouring, so we had a quick break in the studio; munched a few biscuits for energy…. and got right back to work…

After a second demo, painting began on the mandarins….

Here are the fruits of their labours – gracing their brand new sketchbooks at the end of the first morning of the course….watch this space to see their ‘homework’ and next week’s work.