Sketchbook Style Continuation Class

The industrious Thursday group’s fabulous homework for the week….

Beautiful renditions of the wild flowers of the moment….complete with names & notes….

Great sketchbook pages – sack the photographer though!

Energetic, Spring-inspired landscape….

and more finely drawn flowers and leaves…..

such a delicate hand…

The classwork today was to make a viewfinder and produce a series of thumbnail sketches…

focusing in on composition, working on objects brought from home…

and trying out a variety of new materials at the same time….

Just for fun, and to get into the right side of the brain, we drew a left-handed portrait (that’s me – above!) with crayon and a watercolour wash….

Finally, some larger still-life sketches were undertaken, again using unfamiliar materials…

A lot was packed into a short time! Great work everyone – well done. Apologies that some photos of artwork weren’t good enough to use!

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