Sketchbook Course: Final Week

Sadly, we reached the end of the Drawing & Painting (Sketchbook Style) Course this week…

We started out with six peeps back in October, and ended today with only three…

All the work you see here was done by these three ladies as homework and in class today!

During the week, they had been busily practicing ‘sighting’…

with some great results.

It can get quite addictive….

but can also really do your head in!

But it really does improve your drawing….

The sketchbooks were filling up….and the front pages were being confidently illustrated…

Apologies for the shaky photograph!

As an antidote to the rather tight, measured drawing of the previous week…

we indulged in a little ‘wrong-handed drawing’ – one of my favourite techniques for getting quickly into the right side of the brain.

The models were a glamorous selection of kitchen utensils and studio bits and pieces!

Everyone gallantly tried out several new-to-them art materials…

including Tombow markers, dip pens, masking fluid, brush pens, Inktense pencils and Neocolour pastels…etc

It was a busy morning, but we still managed time for a coffee in the garden.

Fabulous work ladies – very well done indeed – carry on sketching!

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