Shady Sketchers

On location sketching took place in the grounds of the Panagia Ellistria Church in Koroni this week…

This lovely, peaceful place is an ideal location for this time of the year…

as there’s quite a bit of perfectly placed shade, from which to comfortably sketch….

and a reasonable selection of vistas, architecture, trees and foliage available as possible subject matter…

Although this was the second on location visit to Ellistria in two months… was the first time for today’s group members….

we have sadly lost some regular members (goodbye Robin & Rebecca)….see you later Rose….

but have gained some new ones….

The four hours flew by as usual today, with everyone focusing hard on their observational drawing – pausing only for a brief coffee-break, mid-morning.

It’s hard work in this heat to concentrate for such a long time, and learning a new skill (or developing an existing one) can be tiring even in cooler conditions. Well done everyone for your commitment and engagement. Hope you all enjoyed your post-sketch swims!

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1 thought on “Shady Sketchers”

  1. great work as usual ! We thought of you sketching while we enjoyed our last day of serious sun en-route for Patras!!
    Robin & Rebecca xx

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