Recycled Sketches

I’d been sketching daily for about a year, and the poor little drawings were languishing in closed sketchbooks which were beginning to pile up in the studio. 

Around the one year mark, I finally started a Facebook Art Page, so now have somewhere to put them, other than my book pile!

I then started to think about ways to ‘recycle’ the drawings…..

so have been working on these prototypes for accordian sketchbooks; magnetic notebooks and shopping lists…

Had a few teething problems….well, sticking problems, actually….

but am pretty pleased with the design progression so far….

The accordian books are completely hand-made, using watercolour paper, whilst the spiral books are hand-assembled. All are hand-painted with acrylic paint and finished with a couple of coats of sealant. Oh, and there’s a little bit of hand-decorated paper here and there as well, as you can see. Each one is slightly different. All that remains is to get that ETSY shop up and running!

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